Restoring Lath & Plaster Restoring Lath & Plaster Plaster weld and mesh The pink area is the membrane that was put on all the existing Lath and Plaster walls, to prevent any cracks. This will help the new finishing mud to adhere. 120111517 Tying in old Lath & Plaster, with new Drywall. 120111518 Lath & Plaster before first coat 120111520 Exeterior wall before first coat 120111521 Wall dividing Bedroom and Master Bathroom. 120111522 Master Bathroom first coat 120111523 Vaulted ceiling Before 120111530 Exterior wall skimed 120111524 Wall dividing Master Bathroom, with second coat of mud on it. 120111527 Second coat in Master Bathroom 120111529 Master Bathroom 120111528 Hallway Wall after Primer 120111531 Vaulted Celing after Primer 120111532 Vaulted Ceiling after Primer 120111533 Exterior wall and Dividing wall to Master Bathroom, After Primer 120111734 Fiished walls after Primer 120111735 Walls checked with high intensety for better results 120111736 Master Bathroom ceiling finished, after Primer 120111737 Finished Walls leading to Hallway 120111738 Finished walls 120111739 Finished walls 120111740 Finished walls 120111741